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In memoriam Reg Bolton, Clown (Australia)

Reg Bolton - CLOWN   (1945-2006)

Say what you like about clowns – the opposite is also true.

"Agile enough to be clumsy, 
Quiet enough to be loud, 
Old enough to be childish, 
Humble enough to be proud... " 

 I wish I could tell you that my life was turned around by seeing a clown. I think I saw Coco, I know I saw Popov, I sat through Dimitri, I’ve seen Grock on film. I've smiled at Chaplin, and as for Joey Grimaldi and his oysters – I guess you had to be there!

I’ve enjoyed watching hundreds of clowns, but I have only ever experienced "deep clowning" from the inside – as a clown myself. I've been moved by the crowd. Nothing compares with the moment when the whole audience rejects common sense, and joins in the clown's folly, or when a child, totally involved in the act, Stands up and loudly explains to the clown how to solve his self-inflicted dilemma. On days like that, my heart soars, and I could clown forever.

But I have also experienced the terror and anxiety of clowning. Will they laugh? Will I get the trick exactly right? Did I go too far? What am I doing here? So, as I said, the opposites are both true. To be a clown is a fearsome curse - and an immeasurable blessing. Here are observations from clowns, philosophers, poets, artists and others. I hope they touch a chord with you. Please send me any of your favourites that I’ve missed. Perhaps there will be a Volume Two

 Reg Bolton Perth, Australia © 2003

Kurz vor seinem Tod traf ich Reg bei einer Veranstaltung in Großbritannien. Dort entstand auch das Foto.
Weston-super-Mare, September 2003.

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