Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

In memoriam Reg Bolton, Clown (Australia)

Reg Bolton - CLOWN   (1945-2006)

Say what you like about clowns – the opposite is also true.

"Agile enough to be clumsy, 
Quiet enough to be loud, 
Old enough to be childish, 
Humble enough to be proud... " 

 I wish I could tell you that my life was turned around by seeing a clown. I think I saw Coco, I know I saw Popov, I sat through Dimitri, I’ve seen Grock on film. I've smiled at Chaplin, and as for Joey Grimaldi and his oysters – I guess you had to be there!

I’ve enjoyed watching hundreds of clowns, but I have only ever experienced "deep clowning" from the inside – as a clown myself. I've been moved by the crowd. Nothing compares with the moment when the whole audience rejects common sense, and joins in the clown's folly, or when a child, totally involved in the act, Stands up and loudly explains to the clown how to solve his self-inflicted dilemma. On days like that, my heart soars, and I could clown forever.

But I have also experienced the terror and anxiety of clowning. Will they laugh? Will I get the trick exactly right? Did I go too far? What am I doing here? So, as I said, the opposites are both true. To be a clown is a fearsome curse - and an immeasurable blessing. Here are observations from clowns, philosophers, poets, artists and others. I hope they touch a chord with you. Please send me any of your favourites that I’ve missed. Perhaps there will be a Volume Two

 Reg Bolton Perth, Australia © 2003

Kurz vor seinem Tod traf ich Reg bei einer Veranstaltung in Großbritannien. Dort entstand auch das Foto.
Weston-super-Mare, September 2003.

Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Vorsicht, Schnappschuß!

Was ist das eigentlich?

Zufällig fand ich auf einer russischen Fotoseite diesen bemerkenswerten Schnappschuß von mir aus dem Jahre 2006 in Tjumen. Ein Kommentar dazu von GhostFish lautet:

название с юмором
особенно если знать, что этот клоун по имени Геррит - немец! :))) у меня есть его закулисный портрет... очень приятный человек, положительная энергия прямо исходит от него.

"Eine Überschrift mit Humor, besonders wenn man weiß, daß dieser Clown namens 'Gerrit' ein Deutscher ist :))) Ich habe sein Backstage-Porträt... er ist ein sehr angenehmer Mensch, gerade von ihm geht positive Energie aus."

Quelle: PhotoRegion